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Canine influenza

Even a male dog gets sicker in Canine Influenza than the female dogs it seems ^^ Poor little Afrik has been suffering a couple of days now, coughing all night. I have to go up now and then every night and put the blankets … Continue reading

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Veterinärbesöket blev en mardröm

Igår tuggade Afrik på en träpinne på hundpromenaden och den fastnade hårt mellan tänderna och stack upp i gommen så han inte kunde stänga munnen. Min sambo o son försökte få ut pinnen men den satt som berg och det … Continue reading

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Oi Oi – mom it hurts!

Little princess Ammi has broken a claw/spur(?) and got a small infection so she had to eat penicillin and have this “thing” over her head. Argh! She insist of sleeping under my blanket every night too. Who can resist those begging … Continue reading

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Bad bug, good dog

I and the rest of the family, except 1 member, had a really bad stomach bug last week. After lying on the bathroom floor for several hours I moved myself to the sofa. Afrik my little sweetheart was with me … Continue reading

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The tooth fairy is still collecting >:(

Essi has removed a tooth again. And we are going back in about 3-4 month again to check some of the other that didnt look so good either. Not much teeth left now… we hope she can keep her fangs … Continue reading

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