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Glad 3e ADVENT! (in swedish)

Julbak med Azawakh. Titta inte bort för länge….. Afrik övervakar när lillhusse bakar Saffrans biscotti se recept här: Saffrans biscotti medan jag sitter här med feber o ont i halsen och försöker återställa bortkomna bilder i denna bloggen *suck*. Men det … Continue reading

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Dinner with the A-team

How to eat dinner with the a-team – Azawakh Afrik and Italian greyhound Ammi First bite…. That went fairly well! Try again… oh noes! Gotcha! Bollocks! Behave! Ammi: – But Im STARVING!!!!! *sniffs* Ammi: – Maybee if I kiss him? … Continue reading

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Ammi 7 months!

Ammi celebrated her birthday playing with her friends and later on she treated them with Royal Canin mixed with minced meat and blue cheese. Ammi has also lost a fang! We were afraid we would have to pull them but … Continue reading

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Weekend pleasures

The weekend pleasures starts with falling asleep in the TV sofa after dinner… Wake up very late next morning… Eating a delicious breakfast (Vom och hundemat, egg and a little Royal canin on top of it) After a long walk … Continue reading

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Reckless puppy fit

Today we celebrate 1 week together with Afrik and he is also 10 weeks today! We celebrated with playing around on the lawn. But Afrik got a puppy crazy fit and threw himself in a bush and became hanging on … Continue reading

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