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Cocky azawakh – fasten the seatbelts

Today we visited Dog Islands in Drottningholm again. On the way to the islands we got to try out Afriks new seat belt for dogs. It was really expensive but seems to be very reliable and sturdy. He refuses to … Continue reading

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Erik Hedin – wonderful dog portraits

I added a new link today. We have met Erik and his beautyful Italian greyhound Fari from Yebelli´s in Stockholm several times at dog meetings and just by chanse. Erik is a well known artist who creates amazing dog portraits … Continue reading

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A windy aza walk

My mum has a pug and Afrik was so lucky (unlucky if you ask him…) that the pug had some coats that fitted him! This red one for example from Globus sport. Essi had her striped overall and actually today … Continue reading

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Reckless puppy fit

Today we celebrate 1 week together with Afrik and he is also 10 weeks today! We celebrated with playing around on the lawn. But Afrik got a puppy crazy fit and threw himself in a bush and became hanging on … Continue reading

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A beautyful gift from Ines and Ludmilla

Pic; Afrik sleeping in my lap while i write this post. He has his baby collar wich my daughter used for her toy chihuahua before. It fitted perfectly! =)) Blue yes, but with pink roses! Yesh, not that manly! Lucky … Continue reading

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