Piccolitas Amalia R (Ammi) born 18 august 2011 is my daughters little italian greyhound (her father takes main responsibility) and she is landing on Arlanda 10 of november 2011  from Portugal, kennel Piccolitas. Pedigree; NoUch SeUch Yebelli´s Fellini – Py´s Laritza

Pic; from Piccolitas blog

As my daughter´s dog Essi is too sick for her to practise freestyle dancing and such with, Renee got the brilliant idea that she could find a new companion in Ammi. Yes I know u say “dog bulimia” as with Ami we have 4 dogs now :) But 2 of them are very very small indeed! ;) So they count as one?

Ami with brothers, pic from Piccolitas blog

And my daughters father takes responsibility as I have my hands full with Afrik ;) So my daughter and her father will exclusively take care of this little sweetheart. Ammi, you are more than welcome, this is your new home now <3

Ammi 6 months

3 Responses to Ammi

  1. Anna B says:

    ååå hurraaaaa!!!!! Välkommen till Sverige önskar vi !!!
    Så bedårande söt och vilken lycka att få komma till ett hem med en Essi, en Yoyo och en Afrik i !
    Naturligtvis räknas de små som en – med andra ord har jag också fyra hundar :D
    All Lycka och Glädje tillsammans! Ser framemot att få lära känna även henne

  2. Congratulations! If you need a translator from Portuguese, I can help!

  3. Cia says:

    @Anna; Tack! Hon är underbart söt! Ännu sötare i verkligheten <3 Men ohh så liten! Ja det är en lycka <3
    @Maria Isabel; Thanks a lot! No its a swedish breeder so im fine, but thanks, very kind of you =)

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