2nd Advent

Today is dec 2012 and I just realised almost all my pictures from this blog is erased by Picasa. I had them all in Picasa and just 1 album left. All my work this 1st year of our 2 new puppies life is erased :`(

I migh have done something wrong myself but i dont know what. Maybee it happened when my cellphone synced against google?? I have a feeling I answered wrong when i synked the phone but Im not sure. Be careful with these devices… But it is truly a disaster and i cant mend this im afraid. Lets see what i can do…  :(

So today I have only 2 pics for you but we are all fine. I understand now why i got some worried mails and iMs. I havent logged in here for a while so i didnt understand what had happened. This blogs purpose was mostly to be a log of our first year together then I didnt have plans to continue, only a few postings now and then. But we are totally alright and the dogs are wonderful <3

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2 Responses to 2nd Advent

  1. så glad jag blev av att höra att allt är som det skall med er alla! Jag trodde något hemskt hade hänt och att det var därför alla bilderna var borta … men det var verkligen hemskt att alla är borta utan din tillåtelse. Fasen!
    Så söta de är allihop på bilderna här ovanför, Kram!

    • Cia says:

      Ja himla irriterande men jag har samlat ihop så många bilder ja kan hitta. Ska försöka jobba tillbaka en del av dem iaf så mång jag kan :) Kram!

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