Ammi 7 months!

Ammi celebrated her birthday playing with her friends and later on she treated them with Royal Canin mixed with minced meat and blue cheese.

Ammi has also lost a fang! We were afraid we would have to pull them but she lost one of them and the other is a bit loose i think =)

She is the same size as Essi nowadays but a little slimmer. Though her gait is much much better than Essies and she is healthier built. Good head and jaw. Most often she wears her ears correct but when she is extremely happy they can look like this <3 =))

Eventually they can play in the park without coats on! Today was wonderful and I brought some coffee and dogfood so we had a little picnic <3 Other friends dropped by and they were chasing each others like maniacs. People had to stop and watch them :O)


So finally at home it was nice to snuggle up in the bed. “MUM! I want to sleep now!”

DS sorry for bad pic quality, it´s my Iphone. I have miss layed my camera somewhere after the ski vacation! Gaah!

Collar by Linnea Sandstedt

Take care!

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2 Responses to Ammi 7 months!

  1. Renée says:

    Lovely to see her, she is so cute!! Happy birthday Ammi
    from Mummy and the other pals

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