Cocky azawakh – fasten the seatbelts

Today we visited Dog Islands in Drottningholm again. On the way to the islands we got to try out Afriks new seat belt for dogs. It was really expensive but seems to be very reliable and sturdy. He refuses to travel back in the car with Yoyo so we have to use a seatbelt for him as he claims to be a human and humans sit on a seat. Is he spoiled rotten or not? *sighs*.

Afrik was a bit cocky when on the islands as he is Da Teenager now *lol*. I will avoid bringing his girlfriends with us next time *rolls eyes*. He was like “-Its mah gals! Dont touch!” to the other males. Then a huge ridgeback with tail high in the air emerged and I thought – now at least Afrik will learn a lesson. Little Afrik approached the ridgeback with his red tail curled high over his back. They were about 20 m from us.  I didnt even hear them growl. I held my breath. Then the Ridgeback lowered his tail and sneaked away with his ears low! Afrik looked “the winner takes it all” and went back to us. GOD this will make him even cockier! >.< Didnt that ridgeback smell the puppy stench from my little baby 7 month old Afrik?

The seatbelt is “Easy Comfort” from Hunter. We bought it at Pets in Town in Gröndal.

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4 Responses to Cocky azawakh – fasten the seatbelts

  1. Cia says:

    LOL! Yes Maggan, he is like a “hasta la vista baby” kind of man :))

  2. hahaha guuud vilket möte :-) !!!
    En stilla uppgörelse med historiska vingslag, följt och länge efterlängtat, sägenomspunnet av generationer av Afrikanska hundar ridgebacks och azawakher.
    Det sista avgörandet som kröner Afrik – den utvalde – till segraren!

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