Gremlin, dragon or dog?

Afrik is almost 7 months now and Ammi about 5,5 so I guess we have teenagers now. Afrik has lifted his leg to pee since about 6 months old and he does it more and more frequently.

He is like most teenagers, one second he is a baby sleeping in mums bed (since he was 9 weeks yes, spoiled rotten :) The next second he is a fierce dragon who wants to eat the little male dog we meet on our walk and who´s trying to play with Afriks “own” small italian ladies: –Mum he needs to die cos he is so ugly, he says, jelous and sounding like a pack of raging lions.

He also has discovered the wonders about girls as his childhood friend the *not so elegant but cute* bullmastiff Stella is in heat atm. GOOD GRIEF! Sniffing and whining…

As teenagers tend to do he eats strange stuff, like my lipbalm. He has consumed several so I have to hide them carefully as he seem to smell them!

He also has problem with his ears, like he seems deaf. I need to call the vet and see if she can clean some wax out of his ears? Or is it possible that the lipbalm he consumed ended up in his ears? Or is it that high music all teens are playing in their headsets?

The pups are having fun with each other. And i dont have to buy any chewing bones as they always chew on each other so thats a profit for me :]

But in his safe den he is our little cuddly favourite monster, always in the middle when the kids take their classmates home. Our own small Gremlins, we love them to bits, but dont spill water on them! :]

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4 Responses to Gremlin, dragon or dog?

  1. ines says:

    Så koselige bilder! Afrik er en veldig heldig az- gutt som har så gode venner og en famile som skjemmer han bort :-) stor klem fra Ines, mamma Bani, søster Adiza, Emi og Emilio

  2. Very insightful description of Afrik’s behavior: a true azawakh! Thanks!

    • Cia says:

      Maria; Hihi yes they are so funny! They cant just walk the street and be cool. No they have to react on everything! dogs, people even cars sometimes :O) -Oh my, mum! Someone is walking here, what am I going to to about that? he says. -Afrik you ARE a dramaqueen I usually comment when he is acting up like that :))

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