Dogs islands

We have a wonderful place in Stockholm where our dogs can run without leach and its called “Dogs islands” next to the Swedish summer castle Drottningholm. Its 2 small but beautyful islands with water around. So today we took little Afrik with us to meet Thea, Lizzie and Frances, 3 whippet ladies. They are fast! Afrik seemed to think. He still reminds a lot of a long legged calf and has not totally control over his body :)) But the ladies had… Thea is only 3 weeks older than Afrik and Frances was about 9 months. Lizzi is the oldest with her 2 year.

I must visit the dog islands every week because i saw Afrik is not used to other dog breeds =)) He didnt appreciate hair balls or boxers and he needs to work on his social skills a bit ;) He was a little “mothers piglet” a lot of the time, pressing against my legs <3 So this is good practise for him to be here alone without his pack to lean on.

-Oh mum, my ears! Tis no pigs ears lady Thea!

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