The tooth fairy is still collecting >:(

Essi has removed a tooth again. And we are going back in about 3-4 month again to check some of the other that didnt look so good either. Not much teeth left now… we hope she can keep her fangs as long as possible but no one knows. The veterinary said her saliva must be very bad quality. Something wrong with her immune system that makes teeth loosens like this.

Fortunately I got money back from the teeth  surgery as the veterinary Alexandra in Stockholms Djurklinik helped me talk to the insurance company. She could show them it was a disease Essi is born with. She even talked to the first veterinary and collected papers from that operation to have enough evidence when talking to Sveland. Im so grateful she did this cos I didnt have the knowledge myself. This is why i can really recommend this clinic, they do a lot more for animals and owner than they have to.

Essi seems totally fine today :)

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2 Responses to The tooth fairy is still collecting >:(

  1. To improve Essi’s health you should raw feed her (80% muscle, 10% bone and 10 % organs). She will improve.

  2. Cia says:

    I agree Isabel, its just she has not enough teeth left to chew bones. But she gets fresh food everyday :)

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