We got the Liebster Blog award from Doberman Daze! How kind! Im so flattered. Doberman Daze has a really interesting blog with regular postings about really rare breeds. Like this sighthound, The Chippiparai [Kanni]. I have never heard of it!!

So here are my 5 picks for this award!

El-Adini Azawakhs – my breeders blog where I found my treasure Afrik of course is my first choise. I still cant fully comprehend that I was so lucky to get a puppy from Ines. The hound of my dreams <3

Olga Da Polga – a friend with 6 italian greyhound and 1 sloughi! Wonderful and beautyful hounds in a warm loving home. A lot of the pics are take by her daughter and are among the best i´v seen when it comes to Italian greyhounds.

Erik Hedin – makes wonderful dog portraits!! With exquisit borders. He owns a beautyful Italian greyhound male wich is father of my daughters italian greyhound Ammi (Amalia R) from Piccolitas (Piccolitas link is broken sorrry)

Salukitrix – Ninni Österholms wonderful blog with her amazing dog pictures. She is practising obedience with her saluki and im greatly impressed by this. I will order a picture from her when Afrik is grown up.

Kennel Al Perrara – Breeder of sloughi and Azawakh. Merethe is a friend of mine and has given me a lot of support when i was searching for  an Azawakh. But also regarding italian grehound as she has been a successful breeder of that breed before. Wonderful pictures from her spanish paradise.

That was it! 5 links. I would have had more if i could <3

Take care! Best regards from the A-Team (Afrik and Ammi)! Who is who??

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3 Responses to Awarded!

  1. Ninni says:

    Oh, thank you! :D

  2. Anna B says:

    åå tack <3 !!!

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