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Gremlin, dragon or dog?

Afrik is almost 7 months now and Ammi about 5,5 so I guess we have teenagers now. Afrik has lifted his leg to pee since about 6 months old and he does it more and more frequently. He is like … Continue reading

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Dogs islands

We have a wonderful place in Stockholm where our dogs can run without leach and its called “Dogs islands” next to the Swedish summer castle Drottningholm. Its 2 small but beautyful islands with water around. So today we took little … Continue reading

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The tooth fairy is still collecting >:(

Essi has removed a tooth again. And we are going back in about 3-4 month again to check some of the other that didnt look so good either. Not much teeth left now… we hope she can keep her fangs … Continue reading

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Dont try this at home…

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We got the Liebster Blog award from Doberman Daze! How kind! Im so flattered. Doberman Daze has a really interesting blog with regular postings about really rare breeds. Like this sighthound, The Chippiparai [Kanni]. I have never heard of it!! … Continue reading

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