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Starting over

So it starts all over. Washing floors, beds and cushions =)) Tonight Ammi slept all night and didnt have to go out and pee. Good girl! And she is very talented walking in a leach, im impressed. Although she dont … Continue reading

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A long wait but now she is here

It was a long wait for Ammis new little owner on Arlanda. But at last she came! A friend of Renee brought her and her brother from Portugal to Arlanda and we are so grateful for that. She seemed curious … Continue reading

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Big (or rather small ;) news

In just a short while we are on our way to Arlanda… click pic for news

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Teeths and insurance

Essi is so tired after 2 sedations in 3 days so she was sleeping all day yesterday. In the pic she is sleeping in her striped pyjamas beside Afrik. She has pyjamas at night because she also uses a sort … Continue reading

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A repeat

Today I left little Essi at the vet about 8AM and I just got home with her 7.30PM! Poor little gal! Totally sleeping, she couldnt even pee… They removed a big tooth in the back jaw but two more teeth … Continue reading

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