Starting over

So it starts all over. Washing floors, beds and cushions =)) Tonight Ammi slept all night and didnt have to go out and pee. Good girl! And she is very talented walking in a leach, im impressed. Although she dont walk a lot. I use a bag to carry her in when Im walking the other dogs alone so she can sit and watch comfortably without freezing. I used this bag for Essi too, its ideal for small dogs and puppies. Outward hound its called and I bought it from Bamses bollar years ago.

She also has a lot of Overalls and coats Essie used when she was smaller. I dunno why but Essi seem to have out grown them latst years. Still them seem a bit big for Ammi…  :O)

Evenings we all throw ourselves in the sofas, 4 dogs and 4 ppl with some chewing bones and soft blankets. (Now i realise we didnt have enough dogs before ;) Cuddly!

We are so grateful Renee that this little wonderful princess could live with us! She has a wonderful temperament and I hope all goes well with her brother too!

Tomorrow we are going to a sighthound meeting at Hundöarna in Drottningholm 1PM. Take care!


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