Teeths and insurance

Essi is so tired after 2 sedations in 3 days so she was sleeping all day yesterday. In the pic she is sleeping in her striped pyjamas beside Afrik. She has pyjamas at night because she also uses a sort of collar round her neck so she wont chew her leg. Therefor she cant dig herself under the blanket if she drops it. If she has a pajamas she will still be warm <3

Today she just said “eeeep” to go out and pee and now she is tucked in again <3 The vet called me yesterday. She had on her own initiative got the case book from Essis first teeth operation and sent that and the present information to my insurance company Sveland for an evaluation. Svelands vet said – yes its a disease in the mouth so they will pay for the operations! And i didnt think they helped with anything regarding teeth. Im so relieved! The first bill when Essi was less than 2 years and lost 22 perfect white teeth is the biggest but maybee thats too old now. Anyhoo im grateful for this veterinary to take her time and help me. I was feeling really bad about this and had no energy so this really makes a difference <3

We use Stockholms Djurklinik in Alvik mostly  and this time the vet Alexandra helped us. (They need to work with their homepage!! But im sure they prioritize the animals instead :)) Its easy to go there by Tvärbanan if you dont have a car. Its stops right outside the veterinary practise. Another nice veterinary who specialises in preventive health care is Bromma djurklinik but then you need a car to get there. Both clinics are really sweet with the dogs and I know they dont do any unnecessary operations as I have used them for years.

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