A repeat

Today I left little Essi at the vet about 8AM and I just got home with her 7.30PM! Poor little gal! Totally sleeping, she couldnt even pee… They removed a big tooth in the back jaw but two more teeth has to be removed so we need a new appointment in january. When all teeth is removed (this time) they have removed 27 teeth =(

The first 22 teeth was removed before she was 2 years old. The teeth was white and clean, no plaque. Its juvenile parodontite so there was nothing we could do. The insurance dont cover anything so this will cost me about 20000SEK totally with this last teeth. The veterinary said it was horrible and she was going to send all papers to the insurance company for evaluation….

She told me they have had a lot of Italian greyhounds with teeth problems but of course a lot of other breeds too. The last italian before Essi came in with a “sneezing problem” and bleeding nose. They looked at the dog and saw the front teeth had gone through the gum and up in the nose….. Pain! =(

The owners had contacted the breeder about the sneezing issue but the breeder said its normal to sneeze that much…. But when the poor pooch started bleeding from the nose they had it and got to the vet. Poor poor little sweetie :´(  I get furious hearing about things like this.

I am thinking of writing to the swedish public authority “Jordbruksverket” and ask them what they are doing about this issue. About the extreme breeding that causes so many dog breeds to suffer. We have laws against animal cruelty…. but does anyone care enough?

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