Sighthound meeting

Yoyo 10 year, saluki pup (forgot name sorry!) and beautyful Dori, azawakh 5.5 months old at Personnebadets exercise yard for dogs. Dori is one of the most beautyful azawakhs i have seen! Wonderful bitch with amazing colour, fur and gait. Afrik loved her from first sight =)

Saluki and Dori playing and Afrik (4 months) watching in the middle.

It was girl power of course! Dori shoved the two males and dominated them totally. Good girl!

But then like a little princess she agreed to play with them, a bit divine as she is. Dori, Afrik and saluki pup.

Pic; Dori, salukipup and Afrik playing. They had great fun. Afrik clearly preferred to play with Dori and the quite similar (colour at least) saluki pup =)

My camera sucks big time so i didnt get any good pictures sorry to say. Only one wasnt that blurry and its this with Afrik and Yoyo =)) But Ninni with Wahida was taking some pictures so I hope we will see some more pictures in our Facebook group Vinthundar i Stockholm

The excersise yard is muddy these days so I had to wash both my own clothes and the dogs (sorry dogs! ;) when i came home.

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2 Responses to Sighthound meeting

  1. Anna B says:

    åh så kul!! Vilka vackra röda nyanser och tänk va – två Azawakher i samma hage en helt vanlig dag! Folk omkring skulle bara veta hur lyckliga de borde ha blivit att få se det!

    En kryapådig-hälsning till Essi vill vi också skicka <3

    • Cia says:

      @Anna; ja det var mkt rödhårigt där =)) Dom var säkert väldigt tacksamma o glada för att få uppleva detta, alla “åskådare” :P
      Essi tackar o tar emot! Vi är just på väg till veterinären för en ny tandoperation tyvärr (inbokat sen länge) . Det i fredags var ju inte inplanerat direkt o det krockar ju lite men vad gör man? Tider hos tandläkarn är supersvårt o få här…. o det var försent att boka av. =/
      kramm, Cilla o Essi

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