I haz a sad….and I need to vent

Last week I was at the vet with Essi. She has to pull some more teeth out again =( So we got an appointment 7 of november again for a smaller Op. They want to operate her twice so they dont have to sedate her too long for security reasons. Vet said there wasnt much i could do about it. This sickness is a genetic problem and I wish judges and breeders would realize that an “elegant” or “cute” head can be a unhealthy head. Her jaws are too thin and the teeth are too big for the jaws. She also has something wrong with her immune system wich is not capable of handling all natural bacterias in the mouth so they destroy her gum instead of doing good (veterinary explained this). I suffer so much when I see my dog in pain and soon she wont even be able to chew on bones anymore, wich she loves  :´(

My sloughi´s head dont please any judge but the veterinary is satisfied. She said she seldom had seen such healthy teeth in a dog that age. That is because Yoyo has strong jaws and a sturdy but not so elegant head.

Our little italian also has breathing problems (se video above). Vet said it is due to her too thin nose. Again, the thin nose is giving her problems! This gets worse when they age she said, therefor Essi hasn´t had a lot of trouble until now. Sorry to say it only gets worse and worse…. The only solution is to give her cortisone when she is at her worst. And cortisone can give them diabetes and kidney failure =(

Essi is my daughters dog and she wanted to practise freestyle dance and dog agility with her. But thats not possible now the vet said regarding those breathing problems and as she also has some patella symtoms. Tears came out of her eyes when we told her. But now, maybee, we have found a solution thanks to a good friend.

I guess we also has been unlucky. A lot of owners of Italians has no issues with their dogs and Im grateful of that <3 So we dont have one of the most unhealthy breeds, no far from it…

http://my.opera.com/Mlie/blog/ (this is not my friend, just a blog i link to)

Yesterday I met a friend of mine who has a dobermann bitch. Dobermann is one of the most unhealthy breeds atm. She is only 5 years and has been diagnosed with heart disease already. A lot of dobermann gets it earlier than this… She said that 60% of all dobermann in Sweden has this heart failure gene… and its even worse in USA. This is just one of many terminally diseases in Dobermann. Agressive cancer is another one. Her owner says she wont buy another dobermann after this. The bitch is extremely nice and well educated. Its a shame. Im so sorry for them :´(

I can see only 2 solutions to this dobermann issue, and also regarding the other top 20 most unhealthy breeds. Stop all breeding immediately and forbid breeding of the dogs or open the book and mix in other breeds. There is no other solution as this breeding of terminally ill dogs is calculated animal cruelty with the kennel clubs silent agreement. Shape up breeding organisations! I get goose bumps of anger when im writing this, thinking of all young dogs that are terminally ill now and will not be able to live the long and happy life they deserve. We only has one life and that is precious. Dont waste it for our dogs  =(

This is a picture of the consequenses of inbreeding depression. Where we find a lot of dog breeds today. Pic from  http://www.azawakh.fr/articles/genetiquegb.html

This is not one or two breeders fault, the whole system fails. The system that prevents us to open the books and mix in other breeds to make breeds healthier. Its the kennel clubs who has let this huge problem grow totally out of hands with their passiveness. Its very nice with glamouros dog shows, but this is not a game. We are experimenting with living and suffering creatures.

This is how the nomads of Sahel has been breeding their beautyful and healthy azawakh hounds 1000 of years: “The approach to selection is diametrically opposed to Western breeding. Instead of selecting which dogs to breed upon maturity, they decide which puppies should live. This approach has the advantage of maintaining a large reservoir of genetic variability and resilience“. Read on WIKI  Or is it that we western breeders are always right?

The police dont use German shepards anymore, they prefer bastards or mixes between malinois and german shepards. Most shar pei puppies has to be operated on due to skin problems that prevent them to open their eyes…. I could go on and on but I think i made my point. The authorities has to do something now. The kennel clubs are lame and has failed.

Hitler was all into eugenics and pure races. I think its time to move on.

More reading (in swedish):

Ett renrasigt helvete

Dobermann DCM heart failure

I just had to vent >:[

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2 Responses to I haz a sad….and I need to vent

  1. Anna B says:

    nej men …!!! lilla söta fina rara snälla essi å vad ledsen jag blir
    heelt upprörande vansinnigt att det skall vara så där
    alla hundar har rätt att få vara friska sunda hundar
    Stor Kram till lillmatte, stormatte och alla andra som behöver en kram

    • Cia says:

      @Anna; tack gulligt av dig. Ja det är sorgsligt =/ Men snart kanske vi kan se ett litet ljus i mörkret. Trots allt hoppas jag på ett långt lyckligt liv för min lilla svartråtta. Med eller utan tänder! Vi ska kämpa <3

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