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No teeths!

Afrik is in the middle of loosing all his teeths. Ammi has an advantage now that she has all her sharp puppy fangs still in place, poor Afrik!

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Happy girls

My daughter with her two italian greyhounds. Warm and crowded but no one complains :)

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Italian fighting dog #2 vs azawakh

And then they fell asleep <3 (Ds. we always watch this kind of play closely as they are very different size so little princess not going to get hurt. Although she is the most feisty of the 2 as u … Continue reading

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Big brother

These pictures is taken just 20 minutes after Ammi came home to us and met our other dogs. Suddenly “little” puppy Afrik seems so grown up :´)

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More ears to clean!

Essi has a lot of work to do now. Cleaning both Ammis ears (above) and Afrik (down) =))

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