Italian greyhounds are great fun, Afrik says

We are a group in Facebook, Italian greyhounds in Stockholm or Vi med Italiensk Vinthund i och runt Stockholm to be correct. This sunday we had a meeting at Gärdet in Stockholm. It was a lot of Italians, some Chinese crested, a sloughi and an azawakh of course ;)

It was Erik Hedin, owner of the beautyful male italian Fari who arranged this.

Though he had to read the law (in italian!) for Fari cos Fari got a bit overexcited and messed a little with one of the other males :P Hahahh i love that picture. Look at Faris eyes! =)) He got help with the language by Laura and her wonderful black italian Coke.


Afrik was excited of all nice people who gave him treats all the time. (Essi in leopard dress).

The bitch to left is from Heesa Meesa but i dont remember her name! Plz comment if you know. She became Afriks favourite <3

And i couldnt use many of my pics cos the sun was low and strong. Most pics was only a tail or some ears also. They are fast!! GOD!

Still it was quite warm in the sun so they didnt have to have coats on all the time.

This little bitch was really really small (2.5 kg maybee?) but Afrik didnt have a chanse against her. And she hunted him down and bit him in the ars eventually. Good for him the little rascal ;)

Some action pics of Afrik ;)

Here he shows he is a real Azawakh. No strange individual are going to be able to sneak in to our pack. Though the tail and body language shows he has to work on his self esteem :P

Yoyo and Afrik. Do you see the similarities?

Afrik shows that also an (for him) unknown person can pet him =))

A last picture of beautyful Yebellis Fari (so sweet I could eat him! =). He, Erik and some of the others went to the shopping mall “Fältöversten” after the walk. They had a dog special with free dog massage and stuff. I hope you had a lot of fun! Thanks Erik for arranging this <3 and sorry I didnt get pics of all dogs! My camera sucks and they were too fast! Also, the little Azawakh was slower so much easier to take photos of ;) Still I will publish some more pics in our group at Facebook soon! =)

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4 Responses to Italian greyhounds are great fun, Afrik says

  1. Emil says:

    The cocky small two colored girl is Hedvig. She weights in at little over 3kg, so she ain’t that small.

  2. Renée says:

    According to all beautiful pictures you must have had a lot of fun and a lot of sun. Lovely day I understand wish I was there.

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