She nicked mah bone!

Afrik and I went to puppy class nr 2 this tuesday. It was also Afriks first bus ride and he was great on the bus. I gave him a pig ear to chew. He did fine in school and afterwards he got a fresh meatbone from the school teacher. Yay! But when he came home he forgot to watch the bone so big sis nicked it!

Gosh he was devastated! Barking and jumping around. But she was uncompromising, eating the whole bone big as it was. Later little sis nicked the last piece of the bone and hided it in my daughters bed. She woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night feeling something strange in the bed but was too tired to get rid of it :))

So that was the last lession for today, dont turn you back at your sisters when u have a bone and check your bed before sleeping. I will continue to buy frozen meatbones for them, its a lot better (and tastier!) than those manufactured bones. (He also got a pigs ear at school but he preferred the meatbone of course).

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