First day in school for Afrik

Last tuesday Afrik went to his first day in puppy school. There was 12 pups at school and he was a bit shy so he sat in my lap. Every pup got a pig ear to chew on while we 2 legged got information and papers and stuff. But when Afrik saw that the nearest pup looked at him while he chew his pig ear he growled fiercely. Everyone looked baffled at him, one of the youngest pups only 13 weeks and growling like that! My oh my. Food is the most important thing in Afriks life and nothing to take lightly. He is a true survivor =)) The teacher was very good because she said he is behaving accordingly to standard. She was very well educated about all breeds present.

We were extra lucky because there was another sighthound in school. It was saluki Sheila, one month older than Afrik. She got a bit shy when he growled like that. But im sure they will be friends, we just have to think of not mixing friendship with food ;)

School was 2 hours so after 1.5 hours Afrik fell asleep in my knee and we couldn´t participate in any more exercises. But it was good and we look forward to next time.

You know what was most wonderful with this? It was to see all cute puppy faces, all at the same time. Mega cute!! *dies* <3 <3 <3


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2 Responses to First day in school for Afrik

  1. Anna B says:

    ååå jag hittade er!!! och ÄNTLIGEN har du en Azawakh också! Han ser helt underbar ut, ja alla syskonen och med den vackraste mamman och pappan man kan tänka sig!
    Stort GRATTIS från mig!

  2. Cia says:

    Tack Anna! Gulle dig! Jag såg inte kommentaren förrns nu, jag har haft influensa o vissa saker har liksom “legat nere” =) kramm!

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