The “girl” next door

I have forgotten to show you Afriks best friend except for Yoyo and Essi. Its the bullmastiff Stella, 3 weeks older than Afrik. Stella lives in the house next door so they meet almost everyday. What a joy!

We are so lucky to have a puppy so close. They really need to have someone to play with regularly at this age <3

We are so happy when they feast on each other instead of us…

Today they played until Stella fainted in the shadow. It was 22 degrees celsius, summer!

Stella needed to drink so we went to the bath just 100 m away from where they played.

Stella drank and Afrik investigated the beach. I turned my back on them for a second…

Veronica, Stellas matte, Afrik och Stella

Suddenly I heard the sound of water splashing. I turned around and saw….

Afrik gallopping out to sea! OMG!!! Panic! I couldnt move, I just saw  him continue until…

I only saw his head! Then he turned around and came back. Gosh!! I have never had a sighthound that gladly jumped into the water like this. =))

But he came up, soaking wet (ok he has almost no fur so not so soaking ;) but he didnt seem to care. They just continued to play. And in the warm sun he dried in minutes <3

Take care! Gosh its still summer and soon october =O


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