Puppy happy hour!

I have applied me and Afrik to a training course for pups and to a happy hour party for pups in October. It will be so much fun! I love the little bastard so much, even though he is a pain in the ars sometimes and I want him to have a lot of fun <3 But he is also in need of some serious education ;)

Today Afrik has learned some basic things; Sit before he can eat, walk in a leach (ok…), stop chew on mums shoes when mum sees it, dont chew on our legs, dont beg at the table with paws ON the table (sitting beside the table waiting is ok :)) and come running like a maniac if mum calls (and has a treat in her hand!).

Poor Hundforum, they wont see what hit them til its too late :P

Afrik; See how sweet I look carrying my ears low so mum wont be so angry with me :P


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