A windy aza walk

My mum has a pug and Afrik was so lucky (unlucky if you ask him…) that the pug had some coats that fitted him! This red one for example from Globus sport. Essi had her striped overall and actually today two men passed us on the pavement and one of them said: Look she looks like she should be in jail! But maybee that “jail” overall would suit Afrik better, the little rascal ;)

Its not that cold today but very windy, almost stormy, so i thought it was time to try to get him used to the coat. He tried to eat it and protested violently against it. =))

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2 Responses to A windy aza walk

  1. naaa, not going to jail, but pretending to be a bee :-)
    one of my dogs totally refuses to move while wearing a coat. he is shivering because he’s freezing, but he refuses to wear a coat… well… so he has to move faster…

    • Cia says:

      Esther; Yes they need to practise using the coat! Its not easy and some dogs are more resistant than others. we are practising everyday now and Afrik seems to be fine with it now, he only chews on it now and then ;)

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