No show dog but a shoe dog

Afrik in his den wich is full of treasures. If you notice th shoe to the left, it has met puppies before. First encounter was our sloughi ;)

Then i have a question about azawakh paws. He has his front toes sort of together, not separated as other dogs if you know what i mean. A lot of web between all toes and the two in front is tied together on all paws. I didnt know aza was like this but i guess its due to their natural environment, sand? The sloughi has a lot of web too between toes, compared to other dogs, but not the toes tied together like this. Sorry not easy to see on this pic but the arrow point at the place where the toes are tied together. =))

I feel i dont describe this well enough. Bottom line is, Afriks paws are quite different from my other dogs. And I guess all azawakhs are like this?

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5 Responses to No show dog but a shoe dog

  1. peerrara says:

    Hahah, yes now I have had a check on mine, and they are all like this :)) So you can relax !!:))
    Even my sloughia Warda… so I think this apply to the sloughi breed as well.
    So your little puppy is normal… or he have the same decease as all mine !! ;) it must be called desert paws :))

    • Cia says:

      Thanks Merethe! HIhih “desert paws” or “beach paws” maybee sounds more glamorous? =)) My sloughi dont have paws like Afrik, he is unique. But then he is an aza too and he knows it ;)

  2. my basenjis also have those “special” feet. :-)

  3. But my half-bred boy, Gromit, does not have it anymore. So maybe it is a “sign” for dogs which are quite “original”….

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