Reckless puppy fit

Afrik 10 weeks

Today we celebrate 1 week together with Afrik and he is also 10 weeks today! We celebrated with playing around on the lawn. But Afrik got a puppy crazy fit and threw himself in a bush and became hanging on a branch, whining =)) I managed to free him of the bush and all was fine again. Then we went to the nice doggy shop “Pets in Town” and bought some freshfood “Vom og Hundemat” wich he is used to eat. I mix it with Royal Canin junior. The other dogs also eat a mix of freshfood, as I dont believe in just feeding them dry food/pellet. We always give them a lot of vegetables and savings from our own food, when its suitable and not too salty.

We also bought a rubberband stuff for the leach so when he gets his puppy fits and is in a leach it will strech a bit. Or if i have to step on the 15m rope I use to train him with, the sudden stop will be a bit softer.

Have a lovely weekend! xxxxx

Pets in Town
Gröndalsvägen 29-31, Gröndal
Tel. 08-709 09 18

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