Can you see something wrong in this picture?

Yesterday Tiina Koolmeister, Kennel Sloughi´s al Suwiid, was visiting us to meet Afrik for the first time. He loved her of course! Climbed all over her and lay himself in her lap (as all dogs did) <3 She is a born dog person! =)) She had some snacks for the dogs and for us too and I was very happy to see her. Sorry to say i totally forgot to take pics!! We had too much to talk about =) But I have a pic of the dogs after Tiina left, they were so tired after all excitement so they fell asleep together in the sofa.

Tiina is going to mate her bitch Azira so if you are interested in a sloughi puppy dont hesitate to contact her. Her homepage has no updates atm but she is working on it and it will hopefully be updated with more details about the coming litter soon.

Last a little “game” to finish this posting; Can you see someting wrong or out of place in this picture? If so please comment! You can win a date with Afrik! =))

(Pic; God! He looks big! How fast do they grew? Or is it the camera lying again? 10 weeks tomorrow. “O_O”)

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4 Responses to Can you see something wrong in this picture?

  1. I see it, I see it, but I will not tell…… it’s a sneaky snake thing…. ;-)

  2. Caroline Löhr says:

    It is grey and it definitely does not belong there! But it surely wasn’t Afrik who put it there … it came flying to the sofa all by itself!!!! :)))

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