Couch potatoes

Afrik and Yoyo; Dog Bed go eat worms! We sleep in the sofa.

As Afrik has learned early, from 3 weeks of age, in his first home to lie in the sofa he continues to do so of course. Old spoiled sloughi takes it for granted of course ;)

Actually i think most sighthounds are allowed in the sofa, compared to a lot of other dog breeds. Its only a feeling i have. Why is it so? Because they often are short haired and feels so clean? Its too cold on the floor? They need a comfy place to rest their dry bones on? Or only ppl that spoils dogs more than average own sighthounds? I dunno? =))

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2 Responses to Couch potatoes

  1. Like with cats and wild animals, sighthound’s caretakers (we know we really don’t own them…) have the intuition it is not a good idea to start such a war. ..

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