Most important in a puppys life

Sleeping in a cosy bed

Begging for food (and steeling if possible!). Actually he has evolved in his begging. In the beginning he was fiercly eating our socks and legs while cooking, so we have come a long way in this picture. Notice, all carpets are gone ;)

Playing with the kids is fun!!

We also have an 8 sqm balcony where the dogs love to lie in the sun and fry.

Its fun to tease little old ladies, especially when they are having their “phantom puppies period” or what its called. Gosh look at those fangs!  =))

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4 Responses to Most important in a puppys life

  1. Oh, I thought he was bigger. Your little “Italian” looks nearly as same size! :). He´s adoreble little Pup…. Lovely pictures! (Sorry for my bad English).

    • Cia says:

      Margareta; Thanks a lot! No he is actually very small. I mean Essi is small for an italian (34cm) and he is about the same size. He is sleeping in my lap while writing this, adorable is the word =))

  2. Hei fine lille Afrik!
    Så fint å se at du koser deg og har det så godt hos din nye familie!
    Vi savner deg litt her, og gleder oss til å se deg igjen en dag.
    Det skal bli morsomt å følge deg her på bloggen fremover :-)

    Ha det så godt så lenge lille sjarmtrollet!

    Stor klem til deg fra mamma Bani, Ines, Emilio, Emi og søster Adiza

  3. Cia says:

    Slaskigt blöta pussar från Afrik till hela familjen Blix! <3 =))

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