Afrik – first day in his new home

Yesterday we crossed the border to Norway and travelled to Oslo to fetch Afrik. It was a long journey and we got lost in Oslo for 30 min. So sorry Ines if we was in a bit of a hurry. As we had left our children alone at home, we didnt want to come home too late. It would have been nice to stay a while longer but we will surely meet on a dog show in Sweden next year! =)

Afrik only cried for 20 min after leaving mum and then we had a stop and took him out for a pee and some snacks. After that he slept like the baby he is. We stopped at McDonalds later  on and he got to part a hamburger with me (only hamburger for Afrik, no bread). Then we took a walk in a park and then he slept rest of the way home. My coffee mug was wrecked in some way so he got some cold coffee in his lovely fur. I tried to wash him a litte today but you can still smell a little coffee. Actually it smells nice but a little odd maybee =))

When he met my ladies first time he growled fiercely and attacked them when they tried to sniff him. So they ignored him for a while and let him sniff them instead. After 10 minutes they were best friends and played togheter! After that he slept all night in my bed under my blanket, he is so cuddly!

Today we have been playing and taking walks togheter outside our house. He is brave and outgoing also very easy to walk in a leach.  He is a wonderful little guy. Im so thankful Ines that you let me have him <3<3<3

Lots of wet kisses to mum, brothers, sisters and Ines from Afrik (sleeping sound in my bed now after wreckin the house all morning…).

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4 Responses to Afrik – first day in his new home

  1. Lovely!! :)… What a colour…..

  2. Cia says:

    Thanks a lot Margareta!! Kramiz! =)

  3. Lone Blix says:

    <3 ser ut som han har det veldig fint :)) gi han en stor nuss fra meg!

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